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Women Safety

Dowry Harassment - Reporting Dowry Harassment

What should your complaint include?

  • Details of marriage including wedding card, marriage certificate, photos, videos etc.
  • Name(s) of accused persons and their details like addresses and passports etc.
  • Details of harassment like duration, time period, place and type of harassment.
  • Details of demand of dowry, if any
  • Bank statement, if you have drawn dowry from the bank
  • Details of the cheque if you have paid the dowry in that form.
  • Details of the person to whom it was handed over.
  • In case of physical violence, details of injuries and type of weapon.
  • Doctor's prescription or case sheets of the treatment of such injuries.
  • Details of the elders who had arranged the marriage and who tried to patch up the differences.
  • Places where the mediation/counselling sessions were held
  • Details of witnesses, especially independent witnesses and your own children.
  • Any written agreements during marriage.
  • Details of gifts in the form of movable property like jewels/cash/garments/vehicles and immovable property like plots/flats.
  • Any written/voice communication between the partners, the victim and the parents in the form of letters, emails, voice records etc.
  • Reasons for the delay in lodging the complaint, if any.
  • Signature of the victim and contact number.